Loving you will always be my priority.

You are hurt because you’re alive. That is one indication that you are living. Be thankful for all the hurts, be thankful because you are alive.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

To love someone is a decision to make. You have to think if you are truly ready to this kind of commitment. You commit yourself of loving others beside your own self.


Successful people are
not afraid to
take risks;
the world’s greatest
started with


It’s either “too few” or “too much”. Never “enough”.


People need to realize that there are days when you’re not in the mood to talk or interact with anyone.

Words can’t bring us down. Kahit anong gusto nilang sabihin tungkol sa atin, sabihin nila. Una sa lahat, hindi nila alam kung anong mga pinagdaanan natin. Pangalawa, buhay natin to, may sarili silang buhay, bakit ba nila kailangan pang mangialam. Pangatlo, basta inlove tayo sa isa’t isa, yun ang mahalaga don.


I find it odd that a lot of people spend so much time telling others what to do with their lives when they are clueless about how are they going to work on theirs. I just don’t get why they keep on correcting and judging others about the way they make their decisions or how they feel when they have tons of situations to be problematic about. Is it about having a sense of righteousnes over other’s problems in spite of having mistakes on their own? Is it really about concern when it is clear that they are already crossing the line? Or is it really just being overly helpful that they want to be a hero who could save everyone? I think we should always consider the fact that there are things that we should no longer care about. There is a boundary between being helpful and nosy. Sometimes, it is better to mind our own businesses.


Battle within one’s self is the hardest struggle.


You don’t have to always complain about people who always leaves. Instead of complaining and making your life worthless just because you think there’s nothing to look forward to. Why don’t you focus on the people who never left you. Who’s always been there for you and won’t give up on you. And there will always be people who will surely enter your life with a purpose and you’ll know then, why some people have to be remove from the equation of your life. Everything happens for a reason and you’ll ever know that it is for your own good.

kuya anong oras po pyc? :)

7am daw start.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


I dont really have anything to say,
I just want to run away.

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